1. One bar is longer than the other.
    • This is normal, since most carโ€™s roof at the front is wider than its rear. The longer bar is for the front.
  2. What if the bar lengths are not correct for my car?
    • There can be more than 1 reasons to this issue:
      • You should insert the bars fully into the mounts. Sometimes it can be hard to insert them fully. You can watch our tips videos to insert them easily.ย 
      • If the bars you receive are of two different lengths, please make sure to insert the longer bar in the front, while the shorter in the rear.
      • There are 4 levels on the mount and you can adjust the length of the bar according to your carโ€™s roof. Sometimes the placement of the bar can impact this length. You will have the freedom to adjust the length from 1 cm to 4 cm.
  3. What if there are no protective stickers on my bars, did I get a used product?
    • No, sometimes our quality control team can get the stickers of for random checks. Stickers are used to prevent the bar from getting scratched or damage pre-packing. After our team remove the sticker, the bars are packed for shipping, while packed the bars wonโ€™t get damaged so the sticker is useful.
  4. I received a damaged box.
    • If you received a damaged box, please take some photos and send them to us, so we can file a claim, after that we will ship you a replacement asap. Most of the time you do not need to return the product, so please text us before start your return process.
  5. I received a defective part or I am missing a part.
    • If you have received a damaged part or you are missing a part, please text or call us so we can ship you the missing part to you asap. It will be much faster and easier than a return process.
  6. I want to return the product but I got an unpaid return label.
    • Please do not pay any return fees. Contact our team and we will provide you a prepaid shipping label asap.
  7. Can I install different brand carriers on Erkul roof racks?
    • Yes you can install all universal carriers on Erkul roof rack crossbars. We have t-track channels on our crossbars so you have the options to install with t-bolts or clamps.
  8. What if there is wind noise?
    • All crossbars can make some noise when they are unloaded and usually at highway speeds. If you think itโ€™s very noisy, then you can try to change the placement of the bars back and forth so that it helps reduce the noise. Our bars are designed like wings which helps to reduce the noise. Be sure to install the thicker side facing forward.
    • โ€‹

Skybar V1

  1. My bars have bolt holes inner of the rails but Erkul crossbars mount not compatible with this hole.ย 
    • Our mounting design is different. We do not use these holes-on installation. Our mounts are designed to clamp the Roof Rail directly, we believe this is the best way to install a cross bar on your roof rails. Do not hesitate to reach us if the cross bar isnโ€™t compatible with your rail, we offer different types of cross bars.
  2. The claws are too small for the roof rails
    • If you think the claws of the mounts are too small for your roof rails, please reach us we will be able to provide longer claws for your car roof rails.

Skybar V2

  1. I couldnโ€™t tighten the mounts because the bolts are short.
    • If you think the bolts are short, please text us. Sometimes itโ€™s possible that the regular screws are giving you hard time installing the mount, please reach us so we can provide longer screws.
  2. The bars won't fit because my flush rails are too thick and canโ€™t be installed firmly.
    • If this is the case then we can't offer you some other models.

Wingcarier V3

  1. Bolts are very short.
    • There are extension pieces in the box that must be installed before installing the mount. If you do not have them, please reach us.

Strong Bars

  1. I cannot tighten the horizontal bolt.
    • If the horizontal bolt is loose and doesnโ€™t have the head nut attached, itโ€™s possible that it has fallen in the bar, please shake the bar if itโ€™s not inside the bar please contact us for a replacement. You can watch the installation video to tighten that bolt.
  2. The mounts donโ€™t grip the roof rails.
    • If you think the mounts are thick or narrow, please share a photo with us and we can offer you another size of claw that would be compatible with your rails.

Ski Racks

  1. I donโ€™t have T-track channel on my crossbars, how can I install the ski racks?
    • If the bracket kit for the clamp-on installation isnโ€™t available inside the box, please reach us so we can provide you the kit for the clamp on installation.
  2. I cannot slide the ski racks.
    • Please first open the plastic lock to slide the racks. After you slide it back does not forget to lock it again.


  1. Bars are not tightened even though I tighten the bolts fully.ย 
    • After you placed the bars first you should tighten the upper screws for both sides. Then, start tightening the lower bolt. Otherwise, it will not be tightening correctly if not followed these steps.
  2. Clamps donโ€™t grip the doors.
    • You should place the mounts less than 90 degrees. Otherwise, clamps will not grip correctly. For reference to the correct positions, please check the photos and tips video for Universal crossbar.
  3. Bars are short for my car.
    • That means you bought wrong size. Please text us or call us for the correct size of bars.